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Root of Life is a highly efficient system where a person learns thinking, questioning, interpreting and re-evaluating all that studying.
The purpose of the root of life is to connect the brain to the emotional brain cognitive, emotional or reprogram the brain so that it fits the present, rather than continue to react to past experiences. Thus, the system becomes a tool of awareness to improve the quality of life of human beings in all its aspects: physical, intellectual, spiritual, professional, social, emotional and financial.

The future of the human being not ready or phrases and limited, he seeks practical answers and real, he wants to build their own reality in its true, not true in the other.
In 15 years of research and practice conclude that the world was developed on top of two types of systems. A capitalist and other religious. Both had great ideas, but none for the human being.

Capitalist system – the people became fully mechanized and slaves. In this system that matters is profit, even if it cost the life and soul of the individual.
Religious system – also failed, as its sole focus is taking care of life after death.
Finally, the two systems had no ability to offer a minimum of appeal to the human being can develop their true values. As a result, failed to find answers to the anxieties and anguish of humanity.

Pressed between the two systems is a being with dignity, extremely distressed, confused, lost, trying to find answers to their existential uncertainty, at any cost. Something to justify human degradation. There is a general question: “Is this world has a solution, or, we will continue leaping from branch to branch, always running for nothing, the void?”

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