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How can you show in our System Root of Life,, humanity is being systematically poisoned in the name of progress, believing be ingesting food of high quality. Ledo mistake! A step that degrades the human being in all its aspects, physical, mental, moral, social and discredits human values, it is not real progress, and decadence. The Root System of Life is put beside the man approaching on a scientific basis, the actual nutrition and therefore good health.
We, nutritionist, physician and professor of awareness, members of the Root System of Life we want to talk to you reader. We hear you, hear your opinion on our system, what you have to say about good and bad health, nutrition and diseases. We also enlighten you about diseases that could possibly be afflicted some member of your family. The Root of Life System now has the space for you to express your opinion and point of view.
Our information is being translated into English for foreigners living in Brazil and not dominate the English language to talk with us. The English version will also have the purpose for which people in other countries can stay in touch with the team Root of Life.
Dear friend reader, we are waiting for you, just click the link to read our articles and post your thoughts and comments.

Autor:Edvaldo Tavares

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