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Project Anti-Aging – Health Begins in Arteries

Some experts say that the old age and disease are related to blood poisoning and lack of oxygen in the cells.

An intelligent nutrition program can change our immune system radically for the better, and avoid huge losses in the future.

The biggest problem faced in the modern world is perhaps the circulatory problem. Heart and vessels diseases are the main causes of fatalities in Brazil. It is a degenerative disease and silent, which can reach both the elderly as well as any adult, child, rich and poor.

Some symptoms of poor blood circulation are: depression, high blood pressure, heavy sweating, diabetes, bad mood, numbness in hands and feet, irritability, ringing in the ears continuous, palpitation, high cholesterol, cramps, fatigue in the legs accompanied by pain, dizziness and vertigo.


1 – The importance of nutrition constructive live enzymes in the brain and central nervous system;

2 – The importance of living foods and chelating agents in cleaning the arteries, in the heart health, in obesity and heart and vessels diseases;

3 – The importance of liquid nutrients and water in the pH balance and to combat degenerative diseases;

4 – The importance of preventing the deleterious action of hormones of men and women with the nutritional therapy from 22 years and still balance the hormones after the 40 years persons with omega-3 fatty acids;

5 – The importance of powerful antioxidants in the prevention and cure of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria or other parasites;

6 – The importance of sport in physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional balance of children, adults and elderly.

7 – How to lose weight or increase the weight or even keep it in line with the blood.


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