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We are faced with two dilemmas: one, sexual assault against children and youths, and the other involves the spirituality which is always confused with religion, tied for the word God.
Never imagined that spirituality is associated with the energy that is stored in the higher brain or cerebral cortex. The energy is responsible for the entire structure of the human being.
This energy must be well managed to divine contemplation, self-healing, and organ preservation. If it does not, this energy can be transmuted into other areas of the body, mainly to the sexual impulse, which is also an extremely powerful and dangerous energy, and is controlled only by the instinctive-emotional function.

Sexual abuse against children and young people, unbridled sexual practices, unwanted pregnancies among adolescents, prostitution, compulsive attitudes, drugs, addictions of all kinds, corruption, in short, all sorts of moral degradation which could lead to human destruction, can be said which is caused by lack of intellectual maturity, emotional and spiritual.

Some religions speak much in God, Jesus, saints, salvation, but show not understand anything about spirituality. Some people say that heads of churches, which should be involved in moral education, ethics, implementing the true human values, are stimulating the sex of children and young people, so highly destructive. Most times are destroyers of dreams,  destroyed the hope of happiness of being so helpless. Blur, thus, a whole existence of the youth in development.

As not enough cruelty committed by all these people without souls, the churches still print in the minds of its faithful a type of teaching that can lead to total failure, such as fear, remorse, bias, sin, trial, guilt and others. They are feelings that do not add anything in training people.

The Root of Life System is extremely concerned about this lack of maturity, intellectual and spiritual and the excess of irresponsibility that each is given to the mankind. With the disservice rendered by institutions, academic and religious, the world moves faster for the total extermination of the human species. This is very worrying and dangerous.

The pedophilia is a sign of total lack of spirituality among people, wrongly called human beings, who take such cruelty against children and young people. That these beings do not have any constructive sense, devoid of affection, respect, compassion, and love others. Offenders who have only the appearance of people, that really should not be compared to animals.

Since we know from where comes the problem, do the people will continue in that eternal cowardice hoping that someone take responsibility yourself for this chaotic world that was damaged by the omission of all? Or, will unite to find a solution and build a better world to have a more promising future for children and young people.

Autor:Elizabethe Milwaard

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