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Cuba has only 11 million inhabitants  on an island in the Caribbean Sea. And then, fans of the Bolivarian socialism of Hugo Chávez, Venezuela – and his minions, the coca grower Evo Morales, Bolivia, and the squire Rafael Correa, Ecuador, and the members of the troupe, led by Brazilian metalworker, Lula, as faithful and mumble admirers -, what do you think of the Cuban progress?

Brazil is a universe of 190 million inhabitants, 47% of the South American continent, is the country fourth largest in the world without territorial discontinuity. A large population of low cultural level composed of more than 70% of deluded with the Family Grant Program and other political benefits they are dreaming innocently. Lula, a former trade unionist, a good talker, leads his constituents as cattle on the way to the swamp.

Honduras, 7 million and 330 thousand inhabitants, small and poor country in Central America, gave a demonstration of respect for the Constitution and deposed President, Manuel Zelaya, who suggested circumvent it with a coup d’état. Does the Brazilian people understand what occurred there? It’s a shame for the Brazilian people, an elitist view of a citizen of rich layer of Honduras disguised as socialist, acting in our embassy to the way a farmer makes on his farms. How the international community sees the political committee of Zelaya, in the Brazilian embassy in Honduras, with a sign in the background with the name Brazil, where he makes the political discourse? Is Brazil “is” inhabited by 190 million loose or cowardly, to acept the author of the coup as a guest of the Brazilian people?

Below, some truths about Cuba, the Caribbean country’s progressive governed by the Fidel Castro’s regime and where the terrorist and the one who shoots Argentine Che Guevara was imposed as an idol.

Note: this text presents my own in Portuguese and English version for foreign resident in Brasília and other cities in Brazil and overseas readers because it’s important the world know there are Brazilians who do not accept the chaotic conduct of national and international policy.

In my private opinion, I express that I am in favor of the immediate release of the oppressed Cuban people.

Autor:Edvaldo Tavares

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