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Engaging means building something lasting and consistent, but for this, we must take some important rules such as: planning, direction and sense of responsibility.

If such rules are not observed strictly, it can end in the middle of the road. The person who neglects the importance of planning in a venture inevitably incur in failure. You may have also the same fate, an enterprise devoid of directional sense and responsibility.

The Root System of Life emphasizes the importance of these rules so that objectives are achieved, providing the self-development and personal maturity – intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

The entrepreneurs always face new challenges that require strength and balance, not only in employment but also to expand to other activities is essential to human relationships.

The Root System of Life has two pillars and pillars that can be understood in general as objectives and targets. These pillars should never be absent from the life of a human being, regardless of enterprises run, especially for those who want to make a difference and leave their mark on the world.

The goals to be implemented are: nutritional, intellectual, spiritual, family, professional and social. It is important to establish some guidelines that will facilitate its implementation and avoid the waste of time. These are, a sense of direction, planning, discipline and effort.

The world is experiencing the worst economic crisis in recent times, because missing more and better investment in human capacity. Those involved need to be in great shape, not only physical but also mental, spiritual, emotional and social. It can be said, so wide that the greatest asset in the universe is still a human being.

Political leaders and businesses need to know the importance of being pro-active in a game of politics and the market increasingly competitive and fast where the preparation of the professional needs constant vigilance, not only to offer a good service to destinations within the a country and a company, but also to solve problems outside the focus of the work undertaken. Must always bear in mind that the people and customers do not seek services, they want solutions to their problems.

Prevention is the smart way to build something solid. The research shows that each real invested in improving human resources in a short time, the company, for example, will the return of four dollars and up to three can receive up to five hundred reais after 5 years.

What more impairs the emotional stability of a person, whether in politics, employment, family, friends, is undoubtedly the lack of maturity. Any investment made for a member of the population or business is important to include family – sometimes, the problems begin at home.

The emotional balance depends on an intelligent nutritional awareness, intellectual, personal power and spiritual force. It is essential to align these components in the life of any enterprise or political representative.

The intellectual maturity, and consequently emotional, can prevent chronic stress, one of the worst problems, which leads any one member of the executive or entrepreneur bankruptcy. This hardly looks like a termite, acting quietly, is contagious and lethal.

The symptoms shown by people suffering from chronic stress are:-bad mood, irritability, fatigue, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness and anger in chronic.

The chronic stress is caused by the absence of live food and liquid omega-3 fatty acids. He not only affect professional income, but also interferes with the intellectual, spiritual, family and social interaction.

How many people broke their dreams before the time for not having adopted a smart nutritional discipline? And, were affected by disease or death? The maturity nutrition may be the safest way for anyone to become a popular or representative of entrepreneurial success.

Some researchers claim that only 1% to 100% of entrepreneurs to succeed and remain on top of success. These are people who can meet all the rules required.

Many people can not take anything in his life for lack of a real goal and not having clear goals and realistic. Maybe the hospitals are full of patients by lack of goals and targets. Who does not know what you never will anywhere.

The goals are essential for the correct directions are maintained and lead to the achievement of established goals; help save time, vital energy, money and remember each of the existence of oneself.

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