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Readers of the Root of Life System will find a new enhanced version on topics for improving of the life.
This improvement will provide an awareness about how to achieve and maintain good physical and mental health underpinnings of a psycho-social healthy life.

The Root of Life System, given the rapid deterioration of several educational principles essential for formation and existence of a healthy society, has expanded its field of action, diversifying the participation in its team of new professionals. Under the executive and technical direction of Edvaldo Tavares, MD, professional with extensive experience, writer and book author, the Root of Life System dedicated for the improvement of the human race will contribute to the recovery of human dignity. Humanity cries for help subdued to the compulsory consumption of violence, corruption, moral degradation, atmospheric air polluted, crammed with food acids, dyes, agro-chemicals, trans fats, excess sugar, salt, allergens, not forgetting the water intake of poor quality.

Given the crisis that has plagued the planet people from various parts of the world experience a existential deterioration will leave a deep impression on all people and future generations.

Right now, the life craves in every way possible as a last gasp for an effective approach to rescue the lost hope of a more balanced future that will strengthen all aspects of a happy life.

I take this opportunity to draw up the opening of the latest version of the Root of Life magazine that addresses issues of scientific diversification, aimed at reducing human doubts and confusion, to the knowledge of my presence in Aracaju, Sergipe.
At the end of last year, 2008, I received an invitation from Elizabethe Milwaard founder of the Root of Life System, a professor of Consciousness and Orthomolecular, in Brasilia, rooted in Aracaju, Sergipe, to form a partnership focused on the following purposes: transformation of the site in a scientific journal to the rescue of good health and quality of life; programming of courses, lectures and other events targeting the vocation of the magazine; writing books and manuals, together with the same purpose vocational of the Root of Life System.

Elizabethe Milwaard, Aracajunian citizen, member of local society, is a reader of the Journal Opinion and News where she became aware of my various articles and opinions published, studying them even deeper into the knowledge of its diverse content. She said that because of the seriousness of the Journal News and Review and depth of analysis of problems in articles I wrote decided to go to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where she contacted a friend of mine, also in their relationship, which facilitated our meeting at the residence our friend on December 31, 2008.

In conclusion, I find myself today in Aracaju / SE, writing this opening of the Root of Life System, under the auspices of the broad vision of the future of the Opinião e Notícia that guides the virtual information which made public all over Brazil and abroad my ideas .

For that echoes from here to Brazil and other locations abroad.

Autor:Dr. Edvaldo Tavares

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