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Freedom is the guarantee that the right to choose their own goals and ways to achieve them will be respected to the extent that does not harm the freedom of others. Therefore, freedom and security are twin sisters, and can not be freedom without security, although the converse is not true. Security is therefore a basic sense inherent in the instinct of the human species. The security depends largely on the knowledge that you have of things and the environment. The very sense of freedom. It is the function of knowledge of how to act without suffering a backlash.

The man does not feel free in the unknown and, paradoxically, in those circumstances he is afraid of freedom. Thus we can conclude that knowledge is the basic factor of all, and in particular security, without which there is practically no freedom.

In short, freedom is a complex and even dangerous. Therefore, only the monitoring guarantees the sound of freedom.

On the other hand, we see that violence is part of human life since ancient times, just changing the modus operandi. It is a matter of survival and always has been generated for the same reasons, of which highlight the ambition and social inequality.

If we do a retrospective of world history, including the books of the Old Testament, we will find that the peace of mankind depends on the patience of the poor. There has always been on the Earth rich and poor. In the earliest times, people did not know peace because the poor who possessed feeling reacted against the rich, resulting in constant wars over the Ancient and Middle Ages.

Urban centers, with a breakneck industrial growth, are responsible for the high rural exodus that have been the cause for the human crammed on the outskirts of large cities. People living in subhuman conditions, distant from relatives and friends are victims of social disapproval. Because they are unknowns in the crowd, oblivious to the ethical principles and reason, tend to release their feellings and antisocial inclinations. Violence is not a reflection of the socio-economic poverty, as claimed by certain analysts and theologians. When the violence becomes intense and refined it is an obvious symptom of the profound moral decay of contemporary society, drawing on intelligence to vent instinctual forces, so unruly, attacks other members of society. The policy, once upon a time the art of directing the destinies of the people aiming the common good, has come to mean corruption, perks and fallacy. The poor not only was subdued, but also had a significant portion of their universe turned into miserable because of the increasing exploitation of man by man. Such was the change in behavior, orchestrated by the rich and powerful, we are witnessing today, stunned, the effects of all evils.

The lack of a cradle (family) to direct the man makes him arrogant, overbearing and insensitive. The man harnesses the purchasing power to excite a idiot dispute to show that has more power, snubbing lavish homes and cars in a stupid parade before the most miserable. This wealthy minority, but no cradle, is responsible in large part, by the violence. While demonstrating purchasing power, wealth is observed by miserable (no cradle) that have nothing except their children hungry and sick.

While the rich boy is waiting at the door of the school by the private car to take you two blocks from home, the poor boy walks, often hungry, two, three or more miles to get to and from school, if he is studying. This child was growing angry. On reaching adulthood, releases its revolt against the rich and against all who appear better off financially, because he lacked cradle.

The Brazilian prisons, victims of neglect and corruption, were transformed into universities of crime, with several commands organized. The rebellion, led by mobile phones and by bribery, show that crime is organized and is becoming more sophisticated every day in Brazil, both inside and outside of prisons. However, good men (for lack of feeling and cot) do not take an attitude to organize themselves to tackle organized crime.

Caring for children of today to be agents of peace in the future is out of political priorities. The oligarchs only think of their mandates and positions to enjoy welfare and secure the future of their children, relatives and friends. They do not see, for lack of feeling, that may be victims of violence created by themselves.

In short, no ethics, no morals and no awareness at all levels of society, the best constitutions, the best laws and the best social institutions are dead letters, not solve the problems of violence. After all, who supports the drug trade is not the poor, are the wealthy (but not cradle) loose in the crowd, concerned only with their own interests. I repeat: the peace of mankind depends on the patience of the poor (without cradle and without feeling). Reflect on those grounds.

* The Brazilian Army sergeant, journalist 8446 DRT/DF, Honorary Citizen of Brasília/DF,
Official Grade of Order Merit and member of the Brazilian Association of Journalism.

Autor:Abilio Teixeira

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