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“The success of your goal depends on some key principles or some laws”.

1. CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: means creating an image which has already taken; create a new idea within the initial idea.

2. PLANNING: means check everything possible and impossible to achieve success and maintain the success. Is able to administer and split time, check everything before you start the trajectory. Administer and check before any start.

3. CHECK: what is important, very important and essential.

4. SENSE OF DIRECTION: is direct attention to the target to be achieved.

5. LIBIALITY: make the commitment to everything that has been devised.

6. RESPECT FOR THE EFFORT: respect for the effort invested in what was proposed to be achieved.

7. RESPECT FOR THE TIME: no point in rushing, nature has to be necessary and all expected to achieve. Respect to the time is to know. Waiting is an act of intelligence and wisdom. You must have tolerance, patience, understanding and serenity to respect the time needed for achieving the goals.

8. SUSTAINABLE FOCUS: hold firm attention and the only purpose for the desire (target).

9. STANDING ENTHUSIASM: do not give up what you want, even with obstacles. Be always with positive thinking even if it is surrounded by gloom.

10. GOAL: requires effort, discipline, planning and organization.

11. WHAT IS THE GOAL: It is to remind yourself why you have to be honest with yourself.

12. GOAL CLEAR AND REALISTIC: you can not escape from the possibilities.

13. QUESTIONS: every time you want, finish or achieve something, you must respond to three questions: why, how, to whom.

“At last, discipline is a sustained effort”.

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