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Simple principles such as washing hands with soap every time you greet people and touching objects in common use in general, prevents the flu pig. A silly procedure that the children of formerly learned at home and at school.
Wash the face, eyes, nose and mouth with soap is another simplicity that helps prevent the virus pig.

Avoid kiss on the face is another procedure against the viral spread.
Not be in environment where there is human settlement prevents the infection of H1N1.
Healthy daily performance, including: nutritious food oriented, regular physical activity appropriate, centralization (balance) of emotional and mental activities, physical and mental rest physiological, avoid smoking (cigarette, cigar, pipe, narguilé, snuff), drugs of any types, excessive alcoholic beverages cold or hot, finally, lifestyle or rational way of living, as approved and as a stimulant of good health.
The open door to the virus body is weakened, clearly with low immunity.
Living bodies with high immunity up, this is healthy, is better than vaccine and resist the attack of the influenza virus of group A, pandemic, virus with genetic material from humans, poultry and pork, classified as H1N1 viruses and popularly called the swine or pork influenza.
If the whole population submit these virtues and procedures reported as healthy there would be no need for vaccination.

Autor:Dr. Edvaldo Tavares

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