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The developed world, wrongly listed as the first world, is struggling amid an economic crisis.
The mushy swine flu comes and scares the world. It is known that the money in the world and its wealth, are hidden somewhere. The world revolves around these two instruments of power. Who knows if …? This same, who knows if creative minds have set up a flu virus of the group “A”, which is pandemic, it is that it no corner of the world outside and even more, with the virtues of the human virus, avian and the king of sty, the pig?
Tamiflu has gained international fame, currently competing with that of Michael Jackson. Tamiflu is Swiss Roche Laboratory, and is manufactured in USA. The patent to this remedy against avian belongs to Gilead Sciences Inc., which the chairman and its largest shareholder is Donald Rumsfeld, the mastermind of the Iraq War when Secretary of Defense of George W. Bush.
The swine virus causes a negligible flu and only resulting in complicated pneumonia that causes death in debilitated bodies. Dotterel hygienic care, routinary – without drugs, vaccine, mask, gloves and antiseptic gel – together with good physical and mental health supported by highly nutritional food, are sufficient to confer protection against this virus of little pathologic expression.
Information used is the best vaccine, secret or weapon against all diseases and adversity in general.
Autor:Dr. Edvaldo Tavares

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