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Professor of awareness with training in Neurolinguistics, Spiritual Therapy, Nutrition and orthomolecular.

Precursor to the wise nutrition – nutrition-edge linked to spirituality and care of physical well-being, mental and social.

Born in Pará, the Amazon forest, inherited the whole essence and wisdom of nature. Une is that its high degree of self that has a fine knowledge of diverse cultures such as the east.

Also developed a method and a technique of color distance very effectively, which involves only the process of visualization.

Creator of the Root System of Life that studies and teaches the human being to know itself.

Fifteen years ago minister classes, courses and lectures, raising, teaching, supporting and showing the true value of life in people.

Executive Director of ROOT OF LIFE SYSTEM
It’s doctor, from the Rio de Janeiro where he attended the School of Medicine and Surgery of RJ. It is student of the “Art of Preparation and Use of Creative Thinking Organized by trained minds.”

During the period from 1978 to 1980 the activity had medical doctor, surgeon and captain of the Brazilian Army in the Military Colônia Oiapoque (MCO) in Cleveland North, Amapá, border with French Guiana. He was director of the Hospital Military of Tabatinga, Amazonas, border with Colombia and Peru, from 1986 to 1989, where he also held the administrative functions of the High Solimões surgeon and medical legal expert.

In Brasília, was chairman of the Military Board of Health and Head of Health Section of the Military Command of the Plateau and the 11th. Military Region. He is currently medical specialist and expert in medicine of Traffic and executive director technical System Root of Life.

He is a member of the Medical Association of Brasilia (AMBr) and Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine (ABRAMET). Author of the book: “Believe! Success in life is for Any One Even for you.”

Collaborators of ROOT OF LIFE SYSTEM
Carla Bamberg – Nutritionist
Nutritionist, graduated in Nutrition from the Federal University of Bahia, post graduate in Management in Public Health and currently a master’s student in the area of Science and Food Technology. Presents experience in Clinical Nutrition.
Currently, resides in Aracaju / SE. Works in consulting to companies of food and nutrition.

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