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She was born and created in the middle of the Amazon forest and girl has wanted to learn from the questions of life, of nature and of man, in general. It was with the wisdom of their ancestors, the Indians – their grandparents – that Beth has learned to value life, and man how to be full and absolute, the power holder and owner of his own nose. Today, Elizabeth is Milwaard therapist and teacher of consciousness and orthomolecular nutrition, and develop a work which teaches man to find answers to your questions, and cures for diseases such meeting with the desired I. Through Project “Roots of Life” , Beth has managed to pass many people of the state of patients to be full, conscious and determined to be happy. As our search column is cool in all that relates to life, this week our guest is the person healthy, happy, connected and very, very special.
Life – You will develop an awareness of the therapeutic work that seeks treatment for “egotite”. What you called the “egotite”?

Beth Milwaard – The “egotite” is an inflammation of the ego – that part of the psyche that I represent the people – who often fall sick due to factors developed by the same person. Among these, the children’s needs are the main causes of the disease. The fears, anxieties, traumas, the constraints that we in childhood remain within us for life. If unable to free ourselves of these ghosts, entering a process of disconnection with the universe, and it is this process that leads to various disorders. That is why we get sick. We developed and increase all kinds of evil that surround us: physical, mental and spiritual.

Life – The vanity in women occur if makeup, be in fashion, “botox”, silicone, “lipos” – things we women experience – are symptoms of “egotite”?

Beth – That things are related to the female. Every female needs to feel beautiful, complete. Only becomes “egotite” when it leaves the normal and the person becomes slave patterns. Spend 3 or 4 hours in the gym, feel obliged to go to the gym, where silicone stuff, have the beauty of life as a goal, then yes, there is a disconnect. We human beings need to take life with lightness and joy, thinking of us and not in the other come. We have to produce for us and not for others.

Life – What is to be disconnected? It is alien to the world?

Beth – Disconnection is everything that goes against the human nature. Being disconnected is to be obsessed, you have goals in which the obligation to speak the highest pleasure, the addiction is to – drinks, cigarettes, drugs, sex, gambling – the momentary satisfaction that these things provide. Being disconnected is to be connected to the negativity.

Life – How to be connected?

Beth – The human being is connected when you have choice. When is led by the lightness of life and determines how he wants to lead its history, always seeking a better quality of life. When he connects to maintain a pure relationship with God. When to use the power of mind to have its field of action. Things are as he states and not want to be.

Life – It’s easy to get connected to live in a world where we need to run full time after work, money to pay the bills, escape the violence?

Beth – Is not easy. Therefore, the common humanity is the disconnection. All these concerns of life away finish the human being of the child that exists inside all of us. Hence the bitterness arise, the needs, fears, anxieties and the finally the diseases of body and soul. We kill the child is a major disconnection that exists in the world.

Life – What to do to keep the child within us and we become connected?

Beth – You must determine what you want. When you determine what you want, positively or negatively, you are. Everything in life is already ready, just waiting for us to go get it. I, for example, states that want to be healthy in all respects, and through this determination I remain happy, calm, settled.

Life – You are descended from Indians and their philosophy of life includes several provisions of beliefs. You can be a Shaman?

Beth – I have no training in shamanism. I am a therapist and orthomolecular nutrition, and work on lessons that use methods of prevention and cure of the ills of the body physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Of course, working with several provisions that seek to reconnect with his wisdom be inside, anchored in the power of mind. The aim of my work is the search for full harmonization of being, which requires a spiritual awareness, an inter relation with nature and the planet in which we live. That is what will enable the courage, strength and wisdom of human beings to deal with issues of life. The cure and prevention of disorders and diseases. I can say I am a researcher’s life, a professor of Consciousness.

Life – Do you believe that a large exit for the purpose of the destruction of man is the unification of religion?

Beth – I believe it fully. All the miseries of the world are based on religious differences. Another important thing is the lack of understanding of people on the reading of the Bible. There are millions of Catholics, Protestants and millions of its aspects, and each believes the Bible as their religion provides. There is no unified teaching the word of God. And God is one.

Life – Many people need the assistance of a therapist or a psychologist to help them in understanding of life. As you examine this type of behavior?

Beth – Some people like to lap the entire life. In fact many people suffer from lack of personal power. Do not know how people determine what they want, think that the therapist will know the life of them, and spend years on end that hope. The healing of ourselves is within us. We need to ask, shaking their own shoulders in search of our answers. Only those who have this power over us, we are ourselves.

Life – Through its teachings helped many people you can determine the ideal. How do you feel about it?

Beth – Honestly I do not feel anything. What I want is that people feel satisfaction in having a connection with themselves. I feel nothing, because, the satisfaction that you’re referring to is the ego, and I have no more that within me. I do not feel more proud of the things we do.

Life – You can always be with you. Bring to life without hassles?

Beth – Look, the last time that I was bored, it was 4 months, and not remember why. Is almost humanly impossible to live without trouble, but when that happens, replace me in matters of seconds. Not for nothing, which have a daily contact with my galaxy for me free of earthly things. This contact is my relaxing, my drug. It is the fullness!

Life – In fact there are several ways to find happiness?

Beth – When you see the connection with the Cosmos, the trajectory of life becomes more lenient. Happiness is composed of a special and unforgettable moments, with the nuts pure nectar of the gods. This is full. It is not easy, but if there is determination in finding this sense, the will be full.

Life – Do you believe in the effectiveness of self-help books usually promise?

Beth – Look, if the person does not identify what you want, ask the whys and do a reading for understanding, but is filling the information not be used for anything. Many people ask me why I did not write a book of self-help, and I answer: for what? There are thousands of such books and millions of people lost without connection. Self-help only comes when the people discover it and be thinking, who acts with reason, who knows what he wants. Oh, to meet the I case. And I can tell you that this moment is amazing!

Life – You created the project Roots of Life, which teaches people to lead their own lives leaving things to flow naturally. How did you find out the degree of contamination of “egotite” that the person is suffering?

Beth – Initially, a test is done to identify agents that are causing the disease. Many people are sick because they eat the wrong way. Others suffer from the sequelae of disease of childhood, of love life, among other reasons. After this test and a thorough analysis of the soul of the person, I indicate the diet according to blood type of person, and together we started the process of healing the soul. The only thing I ask, is sincere when the person doing the test.
To find out if the player is suffering the ills of the soul, we have that the therapist Elizabeth Milwaard assigned in the questionnaire that diagnoses the “egotite”. To find out, just mark an X next to the items that you identify in your life.

Test 1

“Egotite” caused by poor nutrition

The lack of food manufacturers – soy, fiber, fruits, vegetables, legumes, meats, etc. -, chelating agents and antioxidants potent – drink, cigarettes, drugs – is leaving humanity totally malnourished and vulnerable to any disease, the most mild to more severe, such as degenerative diseases.
Below are some symptoms of malnutrition. Mark an X if you have any of these items:

() Anxiety
() Bad Mood
() Irritability
() Obesity
() Insomnia
() Constipation
() Gastritis
() High Cholesterol
() High pressure
() Dry Skin
() Headache
() In heartburn
() Allergy
() Lack of appetite
() Cataracts
() Forgetting
() Lack of concentration

Test 2

“Egotite” caused by diseases of the soul

War, destruction of the planet, separations, addictions and diseases of all kinds, corruption, theft, kidnapping, violence, hunger, unemployment, etc., are some causes of disease that affects the human soul. The inflammation of the ego is a serious contagious disease, which kills not when leaves irreparable sequelae. Mark an X if you are suffering from these ailments:
() Depression
() Prolonged Anxiety
() Irritability
() Loneliness
() Hatred
() Resentment
() Arrogance
() Disdain
() Jealousy
() Attachment
() Greed
() Bad mood Chronic
() Revenge
() Manipulation
() Selfishness
() Insecurity
() Apology
() Sloth
() Chronic Anger
() Concern
() Envy
() Aging
() Sleep Disorders


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