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The “Map-2009 Brazilian Amazon” contains important information about the Brazilian Amazon, such as “protected areas” which are the Indigenous Lands (TIs) and Conservation Units (CUs), and this biodiversity is the greatest gene bank in the world. Besides, Amazon rainforest, the Legal Amazon is also made up 37% of the Cerrado and 40% of the Pantanal Mato-grossense. What causes astonishment is the massive amount of CUs (309 conservation areas, federal and state) and TIs (173 supposed indigenous peoples are living in these lands and should be also computed the huge reserves on the borders of the state of Roraima, rich in strategic minerals, targets of greed of hegemonic powers). It must be said that the representation of protected areas on the map is detailed about the extent and recognition of TIs as well as the use and restriction in relation to protected areas.

We have already mentioned in previous article, to the partnership that the Indians of Roraima, connected to the CIR (Indigenous Council of Roraima), want to establish with the spurious LM (Landless Movement) – which has no legal registration – for planting rice, after the expulsion of legal growers of rice in Reserve Raposa Serra do Sol, due to the disastrous and unpatriotic decision of the STF (Supreme Court), marking continuously, the said reservation. However, if the alliance of Indians with the Landless Movement members happen the Brazil is in serious danger that threatens its sovereignty. The Landless Movement has committed acts of vandalism and crime in Brazil. Recently, they destroyed in the interior of São Paulo seven thousand orange trees as well as various goods and machinery. In the south of the country, the Movement of Landless destroyed material resulting from years of scientific research in the field of agriculture. We run serious risk of threats to national sovereignty, the upheavals in the younger and poor state of the Federation, that government officials think was pacified after a widespread view romantic and idyllic setting of the Ministers of our Supreme Court regarding aboriginal Brazilians. Plus, we learned just now that the Indians are organizing to increase in the 2010 elections, its still weak political representation. FUNAI (National Indian Foundation), which supports this view, states that there are over 700 thousand Indians (of which 150 thousand are voters) in the whole country, divided into 220 ethnic groups (which can become “indigenous nations”, register the obvious), and speaking 180 languages. In the last election for mayors and councilmen, the Indians elected six mayors and more than ninety councilors in several regions of the country.

In the state of Roraima (Uiramutã and Normandia are locations in the state), have been elected mayors of ethnic Macuxi which argued for the demarcation of continuous RIRSS, and São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM), where 95% of the population are of indigenous origin, the mayor, deputy mayor and all council members are Indians. A policy importance increase will be sought in the forthcoming elections and the intention is to be elected at least five deputies and significant representation in state assemblies (in four states – Amazonas, Acre, Rondonia and Roraima – which are better organized, they intend to elect their candidates congressional and state). All this shows that the Brazilian Indian is no longer the naive and “bon sauvage”, as stated Jean-Jacques Rousseau, nor the poor abandoned, as anthropologists of FUNAI that deal them. What say you, the partnership that wish to establish, in RIRSS, with the infamous MST.

The Brazilian Government has condemned the set up yankee bases in Colombia and the reactivation of the U.S. Fourth Fleet, with good reason, here it seems, whatever the pretext, humiliating and embarrassing, the extrarregional military interference in South America, but incoherently, does not condemn the increasingly close link Venezuela-Russia, has been  demonstrated by the Venezuela purchase of a large quantity of Russian military equipment. Moreover, our authorities have tolerated the submissive policies of the environmental and indigenous aimed at the imposition of a limited sovereignty which allows changing of indigenous lands in a number of National States. The establishment and demarcation of indigenous reserves for few Indians is still maintained, because they need large tracts of land to “wander” as anthropologists of FUNAI think. The Brazil’s Indians already holding reservations, some gigantic, near the border, which comprise 13% of the Brazilian territorial space and where ONGs (Non-Governamental Organizations) operate, predators and spies, true “irregular armies”, funded by the central countries. The name is “ethno-nationalism”, which has been stimulated in South America after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the UN, with the humiliating vote of Brazil.

Thus, the Amazon is still in danger. Quick steps are being taken to its internationalization. It is therefore urgent, particularly Brazilian people should’t forget the proud answer that the Baron of Rio Branco gave to the plenipotentiary of Argentina about the vast territory of Brazil: “Lord, a square foot of land that is Brazilians must be defended by the Brazilians, the iron, the fire and blood!”

* The Colonel of the General Staff of the glorious Brazilian Army – Military Historian.

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