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Above the exposure, “the fatty acids and violence,” which emphasizes the importance of good nutrition for the formation of a healthy organism, by Elizabethe Milwaard, professor of nutrition and orthomolecular consciousness can be reduced by the need for the financial year “diuturna” vigilance on anything that enters the mouth of a person throughout their life.

The association of fatty acids to violence, demonstrates the importance of good nutrition from fetal training. Nowadays, with the predominance of the philosophy of consumerism of everything that is industrialized, displayed in supermarkets, people in general, have some kind of shortage of food nutrients essential to good social conduct.

For the structuring of a society more healthy and socially balanced, we need to take care of feeding the young, from birth to maturity for a full organic development in general and specifically the brain region responsible for the intellectual and spiritual maturity.

Readers who come to know the text content of the fatty acids and Violence, published in the root system of life, <>, will be surprised at the importance of good nutrition that often goes unnoticed in the corresponding -runs of life, the daily tax.

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