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Literature (Text taken from the Opinião e Notícia newspaper,

The world surrenders to Machado de Assis
September 15, 2008

The New York Times points out that Machado de Assis, whose death will complete one hundred years on the 29th of this month, in recent years has gained notoriety in the English-speaking countries, being presented by critics and many writers hailed as “an unjustly neglected genius.”

Susan Sontag considered Machado “the greatest writer that Latin America has ever produced, surpassing even Jorge Luis Borges. The critic Harold Bloom went even further. In his book “Genius,” in 2002, he says that Machado was “the largest black literary artist to this date.”

There is no shortage comparisons with Flaubert, Henry James, Beckett and Kafka. An event called “Machado 21: A Centennial Celebration,” takes place this week in New York from this Monday to next Friday. The Life and Work of Brazilian author will be discussed in seminars and round tables. There will be the showing of films based on his work and presentation of music based on some of his poems.

Comment of Edvaldo Tavares on the subject “The world surrenders to Machado de Assis”


From the black comes the glory, not only from the ink, also the letters printed here not fully known, truly national, born of the intelligence of the writer able mestizo.

In so far had to go to earn recognition and inferior feelings placate here. From Machado de Assis, the literary strength of Brazil to the world honored the color, mixed, who praised the intelligence and people who just few believe in themselves.

As a novelist, poet, playwright, essayist and translator skilled, much more than the Brazilians, on the other side of the world located overseas, more than Jorge Luis Borges, with respect, the foreigners are devoting to our Machado de Assis, as ” largest black literary artist to date. ”

Why the shame of having been born here, if the gallery with Flaubert, Henry James, Beckett and Kafka has been more enriched? Who are the shame the country are the people that say  be ashamed to be Brazilian and want to go away and demand undeserved recognition. They should leave as soon as Brazil does not need them, therefore, has Machado de Assis that never was ashamed of was born here, of the color of his skin and Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas, Sun Casmurro Quincas Borba, among many other works he left for those who love him and for those who want to know him and with his works to be delighted.

(*) The text above of my authorship, which extols the glory of Machado de Assis was published on online newspaper “Opinion and News.

Autor:Dr. Edvaldo Tavares

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